Golf Injuries? Get Back To Your Golf Game Fast!

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Sarasota Sports Medicine

Sarasota Sports Medicine is owned and directed by Dr. Ken Kaufman, Sarasota’s team chiropractor for the 2014 American League East Division winning Baltimore Orioles. Dr. Kaufman achieves outstanding results with complex cases with his unique treatment approach that utilizes the effective combination of Class IV deep tissue laser therapyrock-tape kineso tapingsoft tissue and joint mobilizationdynamic functional rehabilitation exercises and stabilizing functional orthotics. He has successfully treated professional athletes from the NFL, soccer, golf and tennis. He helped future Hall of Fame baseball player, Jim Thome, so he can help you too! Call him today to schedule your evaluation and get off the DL and back in the game FAST!

Dr. Kaufman with Sarasota Sports Medicine has been an advertising partner with Play Golf Sarasota for years, and as a recent patient with an injury unrelated to golf, I have seen his practice, care and effective treatments make a drastic difference in my own personal health. I am a young, active and healthy 40-year-old female who has been consistently training in the gym for 8 months. I have seen my body transform before my very eyes, and have never felt more fit or strong — and in a blind second, I was taken to my knees, unable to walk and in excruciating pain. An ordinary Sunday morning, doing an ordinary task and a surge of electricity from my lower back took me to the ER. I followed the directions of those that treated me… take my meds, stay flat in bed for 3 days, apply heat and take it easy for at least 7 days. Now for someone like me, sitting still is one of the most cruel things to ask me to do; but for once in my life I listened because getting back to my new routine was that important to me. After day 3 of no real change in how I was feeling, it was suggested that I reach out to Dr. Ken and have him treat me. It was after hours, so I sent a direct message through Facebook and within minutes he was asking if I could talk over the phone… I had an appointment the next day! After a recap of what happened, and an assessment of my movement and alignment, Dr. Ken performed laser therapy, followed with an adjustment and some soft tissue and joint mobilization. His instructions were to forget everything they told me in the ER as it is 20-year-old advice! Ice was recommended and a series of exercises done with a tennis ball were demonstrated and I was to see him the next day. The next morning, another laser therapy treatment, adjustment and soft tissue and joint mobilization, with the addition of Kineso tape added for the weekend and we agreed I would check-in and let him know how I was feeling today. I found over the weekend that the more I did the exercises with the tennis ball and the iced my back, the more relief and mobility I gained. I’m happy to sit here this morning, after my first full upper body workout, yoga stretches, tennis ball exercises and ice and report that I feel back to my normal self and am able to do my normal routine without strain or struggle! I would highly recommend Dr. Ken to anyone suffering from any type of sports injury and sincerely feel that without his expertise and unique treatment approach, I would’t be back to normal. Thank you Dr. Ken!!

Improve Your Golf Game


If you are like most golfers, you would like more distance, better control and more endurance in your game. In addition, if you want to keep playing for a long time, you want to prevent the common repetitive motion injuries from swinging the club. How many times have you completed your round only to feel like you’ve been beaten up? The good news is that research has shown that you can improve your game and prevent fatigue and golf injuries by balancing the foundation of your body.

Most acute and chronic golf injuries are traced to a breakdown in the kinetic chain. All your body parts are interconnected, with one part affecting another. Your body’s kinetic chain is never more important than in the golf swing where repeatability and consistency dictate your success or failure.  During the golf swing, your entire body goes through a sequential movement cycle that consists of five distinct phases that are essential for consistent impact with the golf ball.

Phase one is your set-up where it is essential to be balanced and stable. Phase two is the back swing where your body weight slightly shifts to your back leg. Phase two is the transition when your feet “grab the ground”, then the downswing and finally to a balanced follow-though. The most essential component in consistently impacting the golf ball is to be able to have repeatability in the swing.

If you have foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, weak arches, over pronation or any other previous injury to your ankles or knees, chances are that foot imbalances are negatively affecting the repeatability in your swing. Stabilizing Orthotics can be the key to give you an advantage over your playing partners.

Research published in the Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics has shown that customized Stabilizing Orthotics provides many benefits including:

  • 100% of players felt they had good support in their shoes
  • 79% said their feet felt “less tired”
  • 71% felt their balance was improved
  • 38% reported shooting a lower golf score

Proven to Improve Your Golf Game

  • Increases club head velocity 3-5 mph
  • Helps wearer hit golf ball 9-15 yards farther
  • Improves your body’s alignment
  • Reduces your fatigue

The golf swing is an unnatural movement for our back. The repetitive rotation and twisting can stress the delecate stuctures of the spine including the discs, tendons and muscles. If you are a dedicated golfer, you’re not going to give it up.  So, you have to deal with the problems that often arise from playing a sport that you either love or hate (sometimes both at the same time)!


Dr. Ken Kaufman has been a practicing chiropractic physician for the past 20 years in Sarasota, FL. He is a graduate of Life University School of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA and has been the Director and Owner of Kaufman Family Chiropractic Center since 1994. Throughout his career, Dr. Kaufman has had the privilege in helping individuals of all ages regain and maintain optimum health and wellness. An avid sports fanatic, he takes great pride in understanding and appreciating common sports injuries and the associated pain active individuals experience. As a teenager, Dr. Kaufman was a competitive water skier in both regional and national levels. He played baseball in high school and has completed marathons, multiple triathlons up to Half Iron Man distance and continues to enjoy running, biking and playing golf  with his family.

Now the Director of Sarasota Sports Medicine at Extra Innings, Dr. Kaufman achieves outstanding results with complex cases with his unique treatment approach that utilizes the effective combination of Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, soft tissue and joint mobilization, theraputic kinesio taping and corrective exercise rehabilitation. He has successfully treated professional athletes from the NFL, soccer, golf and tennis and is the team chiropractor for the 2014

For more information on injuries associated with golf, please visit http://www.sarasotasportsmed.com/sports-medicine/golf/.

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